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It is a hygiene product; do not share with others.

Inspect the product before each use.

Thoroughly before initial and after each use.

Away at first signs of damage or weakness.

Out of reach of babies.

Not keep the breastmilk in the product, must transfer it to the milk bags/ bottles once collection is completed.

COLLECTS Silicone Breast Milk Collector

Tuotenumero: 101170001
  • Made out of 100% food-grade silicone so Colletcs is gentle on the skin and around the nipple.

    Suitable for all breast shapes and sizes.

    Provides light suction to extract more milk than the natural lactation process.

    Lanyard supports the hands-free positioning on the breast.

    Collects works passively and gently to collect the breastmilk leakage unlike the manual/automatic milk pumps.

    The loss of precious drops of breastmilk.

    Collected breastmilk can easily be transferred to milk bags and bottles.

    To carry along due to its lightweight.

    Cleaning Instructions:

    Wash thoroughly before initial use.

    Hand wash and steriliser safe. For best results, we recommend hand washing with chemical-free detergent.

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